Our Programmes and Services


LEAD is a ten-month intensive leadership development programme for business leaders and senior managers. Outstanding coaching from QuoLux combines with peer-group support from other business leaders.


The twelve-month long GOLD programme supports leaders of SMEs to work in each other's organisations through a mixture of simulated board meetings and workshops, focusing on business planning, change management, decision making processes and culture change.


GAIN focuses on the leadership of innovation whilst building on the desire of participants to learn from and work alongside peers from different local companies.


STRATA is a high-level strategic consulting service from QuoLux providing tailored support to help you deal with critical business challenges to improve performance.

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Taking time out to LEAD

An employed manager sees leadership connected with a successful career, it’s an aspiration to be seen as an effective leader. They learn to lead, stimulated unconsciously by the abundance and variety of people they have around them to learn from, and in the variety of roles they need to take on[...]