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Inspire Belief

That is what you do. Whether you are running your own company, your own department or your own team, increasing your self-belief and your confidence to do what you need to do is key. Leadership is about inspiring belief in your team and your business, and providing a sense of purpose amongst your people. In joining one of our training programmes you will be working alongside like-minded individuals, inspiring belief in each other. Here is how QuoLux assists you in developing your skills to inspire belief.

Taking the first step



The first step is always the hardest step – taking time out to invest in you. LEAD allows you the time and space to learn about how you lead and interact with others. With the support of qualified and experienced business coaches, this course provides the tools, techniques and frameworks that inspire belief improving the performance of you, your teams and your business.


After LEAD, the twelve-month long GOLD programme supports leaders of SMEs to work in each other's organisations through a mixture of simulated board meetings and workshops, focusing on business planning, change management, decision making processes and culture change.


After GOLD, the GAIN programme focuses on the leadership of innovation whilst building on the desire of participants to learn from and work alongside peers from different local companies.


The ‘practical MBA for SMEs’. Through a ground-breaking partnership with University of Gloucestershire have your learning accredited from LEAD-GOLD-GAIN to attain an MBA (Leading Business).

  • LEADlight

  • LEADlight is a six-month programme for ‘middle leaders’ – those managers below the Board and senior management team – to help them to develop their skills and awareness; to improve their performance and get better results from their teams; and to prepare themselves for senior management responsibilities.


  • This is our strategic consultancy arm with its range of services which works with you and your management team in your workplace to help you to improve the performance of you and your organisation.

What kind of leader are you

What kind of leader are you?

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Our Book

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Your leadership is the key to business and economic growth in the country. Improving the leadership of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) holds the key to economic growth; that's the rallying call to owner/managers.

But how do we learn to become better leaders?
Where do we find the time?
And where's the evidence that better leadership will impact on the bottom line?

Our highly acclaimed book LEADing Small Business discusses business growth through leadership development and shares the compelling experiences of local owner/managers that will inspire you to take the next step in your leadership journey and strategy for growth.

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