...customers come to you!

A marketer's dream!

Well they did last night. We were with a couple of thousand others at the Jazz Festival where rising jazz star Melody Gardot was performing her only British gig which Radio 2 recorded and will be broadcast on Monday 9th May at 6pm. Indeed click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eb651s_o1Q and listen to some music while reading this post.

Cheltenham Festivals is a business that punches way above its weight. It has essentially four products, the four festivals - Jazz, Music, Science and the world renowned Literature Festival. Top national and international performers, authors, scientists and stars are attracted to and are seen in Cheltenham plus there are opportunities for those from the local community.

In creatively developing a festival, the management team are supported by top quality guest directors. Jamie Cullum is fronting this year's Jazz Festival. The product is world-class.

But what of the other tools in a marketer's toolbox?

Place: Imaginatively, many shows this year are being held in 'The Big Top' which is cavernous affording great views of the acts. When you walk in there is already a sense of fun and a sense of the unknown creating a unique atmosphere.

Promotion: Cheltenham Festivals have thousands of members whom they keep in close contact with. We are members and were guests at the launch of the Jazz Festival. Colourful, informative brochures guide the reader to choose shows. Sponsors are attracted to showcase their name.

Price: Prices vary depending on the shows but are very reasonable for acts at such a high standard. Some performances are free to attract new audiences.

So what can we learn from the 4Ps of marketing deployed by Cheltenham Festivals - invest in your product, make it all that it can be; ensure that your distribution channels allow maximum access; develop a promotional mix with messages honed to your different target audiences; find a price point that supports your offering; be brave and offer free samples.

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