Sarah Bryars, CEO of Target Marketing Group in Cheltenham has recently delivered a presentation on PR to a local business network.

Rather flatteringly Sarah used a model that I discussed in the LEAD January Masterclass which was originally created by Professor Malcolm McDonald who is our guest Masterclass speaker in April - sign up now to join the next LEAD cohort to hear him, he is brilliant. Take a look at the LEAD video section to gain an insight into what to expect.

Sarah reports that the 'Strategy/Tactics' model was the most tweeted part of the event! So what caught everyone's imagination?

Firstly, "Strategy is doing the right things. Tactics are doing things right." Same words - completely different meaning. Strategy is about choice - you choose what to do. Unfortunately most people do not take time out to consider what are the right things to do - they continue with their head down doing what they have always done.

But what if the market has changed and needs are different? You may find you are now doing the wrong things - what you do may still be selling but the potential is seeping away.

Most small-medium sized businesses do not have a business plan, or if they do it is one written for the Bank Manager and is full of financial information with scant details on the market.

Worse still, the business owner/manager has the idea to become more efficient. The problem is if you are doing the wrong things and you suddenly became really good at delivering those you may find it hastens the decline of your business!

So, I advocate creating a business plan, make your choices, agree the strategy and decide the "right things to do". Do this first. Then tactically, do these things really well and efficiently.

Business experience tells me that your business will then thrive.

Please take a look at Sarah's own blog on how to create an effective PR strategy.

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