This is the fifth of five critical steps in transforming you and your business on the journey to world-class / high performance / best-in-class, the others being:

  1. Assessing leadership performance and forming the Top Team
  2. Diagnosing and installing correct controls and measures
  3. Implementing a Marketing Planning Process (MPP)
  4. Introduce Employee Engagement

Arguably this is the 'bravest' step of all as you can only do this once, maybe twice at a push. Also, it takes guts to create a full crisis to make change happen and move it forward considerably.

Some business people do not like the word crisis and use the phrase 'sense of urgency'. I am OK with that as long as the principles are followed.

A sense of urgency can be created by leaders focusing on the correct people in a business i.e. by following the 20-60-20 rule.

The top 20% in an organisation are those people full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm who look forward to coming to work. They are the ones that go 'more than the extra mile'. The bottom 20% are the exact opposite - they are mumpers, moaners, whingers. They are always complaining about something or have reason to find fault. The mid-60% ‘sit on the fence’ and 'act like sheep' and follow those who make most noise - yes, the bottom 20%. So, in most Western businesses 80% of the employees are against the management. Guess who the leaders are focusing their attention upon? You got it! The bottom 20% thus reinforcing the mid-60% view that they are following the right group as the bottom 20% are getting all of the senior management attention.

What is needed is a 'switch' of attention and the leaders to start leading by focusing their attention on the top 20%. They must listen, communicate, coach, support, train these people first. The top 20% will love this as they see their leaders finally wakening up to lead! Within weeks, the mid-60% will see the change in the leaders' behaviour and they will switch and follow the top 20%. Now the leaders have 80% of the organisation actively with them! Change can develop at a pace. Some of the bottom 20% may leave as they will not like the change or can keep up with it but most stay as they know the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. As the 'rules of how things are done around here' are changing, the bottom 20% will not want to break the rules so they follow the top 80%. Thus, you can take the whole organisation with you! The bottom 20% will still mump, moan, whinge etc. Just ignore them or than giving them a polite ‘good morning’ as you tour your business.

Simple! Rarely done!

I can assure you if you embrace and implement the 5 critical transformational steps you will have extraordinary returns.

So, how confident are you in bringing them into your organisation?

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