90% of engagement effort fails to get beyond surveys.

A colleague within an Employee Engagement LinkedIn Forum constructed the framework of this post which I thought I'd share with you linking it to the news of our guest speaker next month whom you can see at a free evening seminar on 2nd July.

It's estimated that around 70% of large companies regularly conduct engagement surveys. It's also estimated that 90% of their engagement effort fail to get beyond doing these surveys! This is called 'transactional engagement' and leads to much frustration as staff are annoyed that have being asked for their thoughts and ideas yet nothing gets actioned!

Companies which are really serious about engagement focus on 'transformational engagement' where 80% of the engagement effort and benefits happen post-survey. The focus needs to be on building an environment which truly engages people, inspires them to give of their best, and aligns their efforts with the needs of the business.

The current imbalance between measurement and action is not, perhaps, surprising when you consider how many consultants, who advise companies on engagement and engagement surveys, focus on measurement rather than actions. So be careful of what you ask for and buy!

If engagement is to be a real driver of business change and outstanding performance the balance of effort needs to shift. Engagement surveys need to be followed by structured action planning programmes which give everyone a voice, nourish an engaging management style, bring the company's values to life, and imbue strategy with day to day meaning i.e. putting in place the building blocks of an empowering and engaging work place.

This is what Professor John Oliver OBE will address in his Masterclass on the LEAD programme when he visits in July. He will also be sharing his thoughts on 'Growing Your Own Heroes' at a free seminar on Tuesday 2nd July. Contact us if you would like to come along.

So, where do you stand on the measurement - action spectrum?

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