Remember this mythical JFK story?

The president was visiting NASA headquarters and stopped to talk to a man who was holding a mop.

“And what do you do?” he asked.

The man, a janitor, replied, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon, sir.”

Great leaders ...

1. tell a compelling, authentic story about themselves:

who you are,

where you come from,

what you stand for,

what you expect,

your strengths and (crucially) ...

your weaknesses.


2. tell a compelling story about the organization:

its mission and purpose,

why it's a great place to work, invest in and buy from,

while being honest and determined about the areas that need to improve.


3. make people feel an essential part of the story

through the work they do every day.


The janitor knew that a safe working environment was essential to the mission.

He was part of the team.

Knowing their part in the organization’s story engages people and gives them a sharp sense of purpose.

That JFK story probably never happened. But it's a great story.

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