A Gloucestershire game changer is creating opportunities for multiple businesses, and it’s a world-first innovation.

I’ve had the privilege to share many game changing stories from some exceptional businesses in this column. This month, I’d like to express my pride in the development of a partnership between QuoLux and the University of Gloucestershire that is already proving ‘game changing’ for dozens of business leaders, and has the potential to be the springboard for far reaching firm-wide improvement.

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Leading Business, dubbed the ‘practical MBA’, has been developed in partnership between QuoLux and the University of Gloucestershire’s Business School.

Uniquely, the qualification is centred on learning that’s applied within the context of a business person’s own organisation’s challenges and goals, rather than more traditional MBAs which apply theories to case studies of other companies, and can seem quite abstract.

This is not only a first for Gloucestershire, it’s unlike any other MBA available in the UK and, as far as we are aware, anywhere in the world.

The partnership between QuoLux and the University of Gloucestershire has already seen owner-managers on the LEAD and GOLD leadership development programmes awarded Postgraduate Certificates with others working towards attaining the Diploma. What’s new is that participants in QuoLux’s GAIN programme can now reach the higher level of MBA.

Gwyn Jones, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Business at the University of Gloucestershire, explains: “This new MBA is a great example of the University’s drive to bring together the worlds of business and learning and produce course materials that interact with real experience. The work-based MBA allows participants to add formal learning to their ongoing experiences and, most importantly, introduces knowledge which they can immediately use in their own ventures.”

Linsey Temple, Chief Executive at Gloucestershire Engineering Training, is among the first four participants – all from Gloucestershire companies – who have already achieved Postgraduate Diplomas and are now taking their final step in working towards MBA accreditation.

“Because this MBA is designed with the needs of owner-managers in mind, it gives me the opportunity to exercise academic rigour in the practical development of my personal leadership and business growth,” explains Linsey. “Every moment is contributing to my firm’s success, with fast and lasting benefits.”

Luke Freeman, Joint Chief Executive of MF Freeman agrees: “LEAD, GOLD, GAIN and work-based learning have helped me to grow my business substantially. We now take a longer term view, our strategic thinking has improved, we have a five-year plan and our sales have grown by 271% with record profits. And what’s more, I’ll shortly have an MBA in running my own company!”

It’s a great reminder that innovating new products and services can be a game changer not only for those developing that innovation, but throughout the ‘customer supply chain’. In this case, we hope it will be a game changer for many more Gloucestershire businesses in the years to come.

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