You might not work from home on a regular basis but I’m sure you’ve done it at some point if your kids have ever had to stay home from school. I’m guessing while they rested (at times) you were on your computer, responding to emails or working on a file that you accessed from your company’s cloud server. Does that sound familiar? Think about how it felt; no distractions when the kids were quiet, working from the comfort of your dining room table, or maybe even your couch. It wasn’t so bad was it?

According to the Telework Research Network 86% of employees want to work remotely at least 20hrs per week. It turns out that telecommuters can be 25% more productive than their strictly office cohorts and with less time spent traveling to and from the office employees save both time and money, up to $15 billion worth of gas across the American workforce.

The benefits aren’t only for employees though, employers benefit as well. With boosted productivity from satisfied and engaged employees, companies can save serious money by reducing costly office space. A major benefit to employers of telecommuting is retaining talent that has to move with their family. Rather than trying to find a position for them in a different regional office, a manager can keep them in their same department, stay connected through video conferencing and share files over cloud servers.

If there are so many benefits to telecommuting why isn’t everyone working from home? The fact of the matter is while 61% of senior leaders and hiring managers believe their companies will allow for more telecommuting over the next 3 years, there are still lots of companies that don’t believe in working anywhere other than an office. As the trend grows those companies will gradually get on board.

This posting was written by Veraview.


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