Leading: The Global Issue

With the next edition of our award-winning (Best Publication, South of England) magazine, Leading, now out, this Issue 3 hears from another 25 business leaders as they share their experiences of the highs and lows, successes and challenges, and their strategies and lessons learned from growing their organisations across international territories.

Scaling up requires careful planning for any business. Strengthening your position within current core markets is a natural progression. Innovating new products or services brings important decisions. How much to invest? How soon to expect a return? Who to involve?

Very many of the organisations we work with through STRATA consultancy and on our LEAD, GOLD and GAIN programmes are active across international markets. Among those leaders featuring in this edition alone, they cover much of the planet.

It’s a subject close to home for QuoLux. This year we’ve internationalised our business, with a new division for our Online MBA operating from Brazil, taking our new product to the global market.

Along small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, 18% export. This rises to 35% of those firms in the medium category (typically defined as having a turnover between £25m and £500m). But export is only part of the story. Truly internationalising a business requires vision, strategic direction and deep understanding of the cultures and markets of other nations. In short, it requires effective leadership.

Once again, our thanks to all the leaders and masterclass speakers who have shared their personal insights in this issue – not only on internationalisation, but the many aspects of leading a thriving organisation.

If you would like to receive your copy of Issue 3, please contact us here.

And as you consider your personal and business goals for 2018, take a moment to consider how you can follow the well-established path of almost 150 business leaders and join LEAD.


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