Skipping to Success

Growing a business year-on-year is quite a feat and requires engagement of management and staff as no one person can do it on their own.

Amongst the brightest, most colourful and instantly recognisable trucks on Gloucestershire roads and beyond are the red and yellow Speedy Skips trucks who deliver and collect a large range of skips for domestic and commercial use and provide waste disposal management.

As well as protecting the environment with its impressive 86% recycling rate, the company has a reputation for speed. Not speeding on the roads I hasten to add, rather for their excellent service in the office attending to clients’ needs and delivering skips to the locations clients want, when they want. As a customer myself, I can vouch for their pleasant, professional service. 

Speedy Skips are part of a group with arguably the longest name in the county – Allstone Sands Gravels Aggregates Trading Company Limited. It’s an impressive name and it gives light to what they do. Allstone is a second-generation family business with Simon Ford at its head. The firm has an amazing breadth of facilities from a quarry to a landfill through to a recycling centre. The successful company continues to grow and has plans to further develop.

To ensure the firm moves towards the Allstone vision, Simon has invested in leadership development for his Branch Manager, Gareth Pittaway, and his son, Tom, who have enrolled on the LEAD, GOLD and LEADlight programmes with QuoLux, plus strengthened the senior management team with the appointment of Robin Heffter.

Already, Allstone and Speedy Skips have seen immediate benefit. New office buildings, new trucks for new services and improved communication methods has led to a step-change in the environment and well-being within the business. New, focused meetings are underway where staff and drivers are involved feeding back thoughts and ideas on how to improve the business. A continuous improvement ethos sits alongside a hard-working ethic. Teamworking is being enhanced.

“LEAD has taken me from being a manager to a leader. I have a wide-range of techniques, tools and insights that I have learned from other business leaders and I have already begun implementing these,” notes Gareth.

“Discussions on improving performance are more natural. You do not have to be ill to become better!”

Gareth is leading the way in the next game-changing activity, a segmented business plan exploring how the company will market recycling, aggregates, decorative stone and itself in the segments that it is operating in retaining its traditional service and keeping things simple.

Much work has commenced informing, motivating, inspiring and recognising employees. With Gareth’s support, Tom is undertaking a project on further improving communication and engaging staff which he is due to report back on in the next few months.

I look forward to seeing the fleet of red and yellow Speedy Skips trucks grow and grow, in the full knowledge that a great company is doing all it can to become better and better at looking after their clients’ needs and their welfare of all their employees.

This article first appeared in Gloucestershire Echo & Gloucester Citizen and on as part of the Game Changer series.









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