Building a company to compete on a global stage takes vision and a lot of effort.

There are so many excellent companies in Gloucestershire and CEMAR is another great example of what is possible when you work at it.

CEMAR started as a family business in 2005 with the aim of revolutionising contract management across the construction industry, by developing a solution with project management at its core.  It promised a move away from complex spreadsheets, manual trackers, emails and inconsistent communication templates.

The budding entrepreneurs expended much time, money and effort in creating an industry leading system. After a decade the company began to realise the fruits of their labour. CEMAR has almost doubled in size each year for the last three years and now employs over 55 staff at its Gloucester office. CEMAR offers their cloud-based contract management system to clients including Highways England, Nuclear New Build, BAE Systems, Heathrow Airport, Network Rail, HS2 and Sellafield.

Last year, it’s CEO was the first of three directors to join the LEAD programme. Almost immediately the CEO with his directors led a further company-wide transformation. Firstly, a business planning process and strategic marketing review that further focused where the organisation aimed to compete. This led to the courageous step of opening an office in Hong Kong and securing the first of a series of overseas orders.

Next, CEMAR’s leadership embraced radical employee engagement, establishing a desired culture of appropriate leadership behaviours, communication and recognition and set about building a ‘Team Enterprise’.  Having become the UK’s leading contract management solution, CEMAR have refocused their vision to become world leader.  Together with the tenants of Team Enterprise, a recent staff away day cemented their new Business Plan and their journey so far towards their ideal culture. All this has given CEMAR a strong base for further expansion.

Their CEO notes, “I have attended all sorts of leadership programmes and workshops over the years. This stuff can’t be learnt in a day or two. I think the duration of LEAD, its pace, the quality of its contributors and its range of topics, present a unique and invaluable winning formula for SMEs like CEMAR”.

In May, CEMAR was acquired by think project! The Munich-based group has interests across the globe and is a fabulous partner in the next level of growth. CEMAR’s leadership remain in post as well as expanding their reach as contributors to the wider Group’s direction internationally. Think project! was not only attracted by CEMAR’s intuitive software, but how it had advanced business planning and engagement with its staff. The business transformation led to another business transformation.

With this level of global support backed by an engaged workforce, CEMAR’s future looks very bright.

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