Leadership for a Lifetime

With just a week to go until this year’s Business Awards, QuoLux, the leadership development and strategy specialist and sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award, concludes its series exploring the guiding principles for leading innovation. 

This week, Stewart Barnes, Managing Director of QuoLux, reflects on the role of leadership development in equipping business leaders, and their teams, for innovation and long-term success. 

This series has demonstrated a range of brilliant innovative leaders, from some of Gloucestershire’s most successful organisations. We’ve discussed different aspects of innovation, the importance of strategy, vision, culture and what it takes to drive high performance. But, as the title suggests, the accolade of Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates longevity; a lasting contribution that’s deeply embedded within an organisation. Their legacies derive not only from the individual role of the leader, but the development of leadership throughout their teams.   

The cultivation of future leaders is vital for a company’s ongoing success. Indeed, a good leader will not restrict their focus to their current role but thinks and plans for the time when they will need to hand over the mantleAs John C. Maxwell put it; ‘a leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.’  

Organisations, and their boards, must be aware of their leadership talent and how to best develop it across all levels. Who are those individuals, the future leaders, and how will you support and build their skills and competencies to ensure that they can help deliver organisational aims? 

Clearly the right support in terms of leadership development is key, with investment in this area giving organisations competitive edge. However, not all leadership programmes are the same. 

QuoLux runs three innovative leadership development programmes, LEAD, GOLD and GAIN, which bring leaders together to learn, share insight and support one another. On completion, many delegates then enrol colleagues, creating a common language of leadership and learning throughout their organisations. 

Delegates also have the opportunity for university accredited learning (Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MBA in Leading Business) through a partnership between QuoLux and the University of Gloucestershire. While the launch of Leading MBA – a world-leading online master’s programme – sees QuoLux innovating on a global scale.  This online programme offers enhanced flexibility for busy leaders from around the world. Uniquely, all the qualifications are centred on Work Based Learning with participants gaining qualifications in running their own business. 

Independent research has shown that QuoLux alumni grow their businesses by around 27% after just one year of a leadership programme. One in three businesses have expanded into new markets, acquired new companies, diversified, or opened new premises. Most have become more productive and profitable (profitability of alumni’s business has grown by 548%). And nearly all (97%) credit the programmes with having a significant impact on their business, while all say they are better leaders as a result. 

The next LEAD programme begins in November 2018, when we’ll be bringing together another small group of MDs, owner-managers, directors and partners to explore their leadership and grow their companies for long-term success. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more, email stewart.barnes@quolux.co.uk  

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