Leadership That Delivers

If we are to create a future that delivers on ambitions for a healthy society, with a strong economy and opportunities for people to fulfil their potential, we need good leaders.  

Actually, what we need is good leadership. What’s the difference? Leadership describes the behaviours of leading that can be found throughout an organisation, encouraged and supported by excellent leadership in the top roles.  

The imperative for better leadership is striking; we must increase productivity and our capacity for innovation, not just in pockets of excellence, but throughout the businesses in our region. Leadership holds the key to unlocking our untapped human potential, not least through developing truly engaged employees. Research shows that not only are firms with highly engaged workforces 18% more productive than those with low engagement, but innovation grows too. In fact, 59% of engaged employees said that their job brings out their most creative ideas, against just 3% of those less engaged. 

But, if we’re honest, traditional leadership development in the UK has clearly failed as 68% of workers, an eye watering 20 million people, are disengaged. That’s why it’s important to be discerning when choosing external advisers, coaches or skills programmes. Fortunately, this region has some of the most innovative and proven leadership development support in the UK; we’re very proud to bring the world’s leading experts on business strategy and leadership to work with delegates on our leadership programmes, designed specifically for owner-managers and their directors. Independent research among our LEAD alumnishows they have grown sales by almost a third, and employed 13% more people. 

These leaders are already making a difference in their businesses and our economies. They are also developing their next generation of leaders, the ‘middle leaders’ who will be the board directors of the future.  

Skilled, visionary, emotionally-intelligent; our future success needs great leadership. 

If you’d like to talk to us about our proven leadership programmes, contact us at Jo.Draper@quolux.co.uk or visit www.quolux.co.uk 

This article first appeared in the Spotlight on Leaders section of Business & Innovation Magazine, Issue 10, November 2018.



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