This year, QuoLux introduced a new programme, LEADlight which was created for middle leaders and is available exclusively for organisations that have already experienced the benefits of LEAD.  

One of QuoLux’s values is entrepreneurial flexibility.  We are committed to adapting and delivering effective programmes for our clients – that suit their needs.  

So, when a couple of the LEAD alumni mentioned that they had struggled to implement some of their learnings from the course, we were keen to find out why.  Part of that hurdle was, it transpired, a lack of understanding, or buy-in, from their wider organisations.  They needed the support of their middle leaders to help implement some of their learnings.  In essence they needed colleagues who could speak the same language.

We recognised that in supporting these middle leaders (those below the Board and senior management team) we could help accelerate organisational change and bring tangible benefits to LEAD alumni businesses, as well as to the individual participants.

So LEADlight was born. Its aim is to help middle leaders to develop their skills and awareness; to improve their performance and get better results from their teams; and to prepare themselves for senior management responsibilities.  By doing so it also helps provide options for succession, while the ripple effects of effective leadership are amplified throughout the organisation.

Gareth Pittaway, Branch Manager, Allstone Sand & Gravel enrolled one of his team, Tom Ford, onto the course to help do just that. “As a result of my time on LEAD I can clearly see the benefit to my own personal development and the business.  With LEADlight I felt that there was the perfect opportunity to give another member of the team this chance for development while supporting our business growth.”


The programme

LEADlight runs over six months and provides the opportunity to put leadership learning into practice. It’s about learning by doing.

Participants work together through five main elements including workshops, ‘think tanks’, action learning, an action planning challenge and, as a final outcome, a presentation to a leadership panel of LEAD Alumni from the participating businesses.


The benefits

Although we’re only one programme in – the benefits are already clear.

Participants have grown in confidence; both as a result of the programme, but also thanks to the powerful network that the course brings. The way the group supports, mentors and encourages each of their peers is evident and enriching for those involved. 

As Nigel Frost, Supplychain Manager, Highgrove Enterprises who enrolled Jamie Ludlow, warehouse manager, onto LEADlight said; “I have seen Jamie motivated by the exposure to other businesses.  He has become enthused by this experience and has already gained a much better insight into the impact decisions can have on the wider business.”

Jamie’s fellow cohort member Tom has also felt his confidence rise. “I feel more confident in my actions at work and am less reticent about putting my ideas and opinions forward. Thanks to the programme I’m better armed to understand, reflect on and discuss shared LEAD learnings with Gareth which ultimately helps with the continuous improvement of the business.”

Each of the individuals gets to explore and understand more about effective leadership and their own leadership styles – appreciating how this may impact on others in their organisations. While they also leave armed with various valuable ‘tools’ that they can use back in the workplace. 

From an organisational point of view, clearly, it’s early days to be talking about results.  But we know the impact that bad managers can have on an organisation. The number one reason people quit their jobs is a bad manager or immediate supervisor. This is a costly problem; costly in recruitment, sickness absence, employee engagement and, ultimately, productivity and the bottom line. Leaders owe it to every person in their organisation to support the development of their managers.

Alongside this is the benefit of sharing LEAD learning across the organisation to deliver success.  As Nigel adds; “Jamie attending the LEADlight course has enhanced my discussions with him on my own experiences of LEAD because he is able to make links with his own experiences rather than just accepting what I am telling him.”

To enquire about places on the next cohort of LEADlight which starts in Spring 2019 contact Jo Draper on 07825 162685 or email jo.draper@quolux.co.uk


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