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Innovation is key to business success and one Prima Dental has a pioneering approach in dentistry.

As one of the largest employers in Gloucestershire and winner of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for International Trade, Prima Dental Group continues to go from strength to strength. Based in Quedgeley, Gloucester, the company has been manufacturing Dental Burs since 1927.

Prima has seen a huge amount of change over the past two years, thanks in large part to a £11.4 million investment which has enabled them to double their manufacturing footprint and create a world-leading research and innovation laboratory, product testing areas and education facilities.

With the new factory came a Game Changer for Prima when they saw an opportunity to bring their wealth of expertise to another area of dentistry, dental milling.

Earlier this year, the firm launched Prima Digital, a different proposition to their rotary offering, under the guidance of Dr Marilyn Goh, Head of Research and Innovation. This included a £1 million investment and a partnership with the UK’s leading Dental University where Prima has created a select range of patent pending milling tools which will be used to create precision crowns.

The resulting innovation is helping to improve dentistry. Typically, a dentist takes an impression of a damaged tooth which is then generally sent away to a dental lab where the restoration is created by hand.

Not any longer though as CAD/CAM Dentistry using Prima Digital new tools come into play. Using a digital scan of the mouth, the machines mill a zirconia “puck” and after approximately 25 minutes the restoration is complete. Prima’s tools are so precise that when the dentist receives the restoration back, the pin point accuracy ensures a perfect fit for the patient. Indeed, Prima’s patent pending tools are so accurate that no chairside adjustments are required saving time and cost for the dentist and improved patient experience.

Prima has also been careful in future proofing their company and senior management are first to recognise that they would not have reached the levels of success without their hard working and diligent staff.

The investment in new facilities and machines, training and divisions has seen a further 40 jobs created which will take the company to a 245 strong workforce. Just the sort of high-skilled jobs the county needs in a post-Brexit world.

Prima has many exciting new appointments to fill and are confident that with the brightest and most innovative minds on board, Prima Digital will continue to go from strength to strength, positioning the group as a global authority in dental milling.

This article is part of the Game Changer series by Stewart Barnes, Managing Director, QuoLux that first appeared in Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen and on www.southwestbusiness.co.uk

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