A series of digital innovations from QuoLux, the leadership and strategy specialists, are bringing benefits to busy business leaders here in the region and around the world.  

A bespoke portal that can be accessed via an app from a mobile or tabletonline or offline, is giving delegates on its leadership development programmes greater flexibility to engage with each other and safely capture their most personal learning reflections, as well as access extensive resources.  

Keen to embrace the benefits of ‘gamification for businessesQuoLux has also introduced a game in which leaders can experiment, risk-free, with strategies to gain competitive advantage in a virtual world. 

It’s common for owner-managers and company directors to recognise the benefits of developing their personal leadership, but they often worry about finding the time,” explains Rachael Ramos, Director of QuoLux. “To address this, we have been developing a set of digital tools and platforms to offer the flexibility, personalisation and security that suits the busy lifestyles of leaders keen to learn – when, where and how it suits them. 

Having a safe space to ‘practise’ the tools, techniques and strategies of leadership is central to our LEAD programme. As well as creating a trusted environment in-person among each cohortwe’ve been developing a safe and easy online forum too. 

The technology is also being deployed for its online MBA delegates who participate on a two-year online MBA programme in Leading Business.

By harnessing advances in EduTech, we’ve been able to devise an entirely online MBAWithout the need to travel, leaders are minimising time away from their businesses and families, as well as reducing the carbon emissions of journeys within the UK or from international flights for our overseas delegates. 

To find out more about the online MBA visit https://leadingmba.com/ or contact Rachael.Ramos@quolux.co.uk 

This article was first published in Business & Innovation Magazine, May e-newsletter.


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