When staff come forward with their own ideas to save your company money then you know you are onto a winner.

In the last twelve months, Peter Miles, Managing Director of international group of companies, Forge Motorsport, has led a transformation of the business since he completed the QuoLux LEAD programme. Six figure investments in new CNC machinery, establishment of a new management team as a springboard for succession and a whole new way of communicating has swept through the business. All are adding to the game changing approach that is visible in the business.

With their headquarters in Gloucester, Forge Motorsport is a second-generation family business that was founded in 1996 with the simple ideals of innovation, clever design, and manufacturing to the highest quality with a mantra of the innovative products and the best customer care and after service worldwide. Over the last two decades, Forge have developed the largest range of replacement aftermarket blow off / recirculation valves, intercoolers and actuators in the world.

Utilising a state of the art in house CNC machine shop and a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers and fabricators, the company supplies Forge branded product worldwide and to their sister companies Forge USA in Orlando and Forge Asia in Taichung in Taiwan. Forge Motorsport proudly states ‘Made in Great Britain’ on all their products. The firm is honoured to supply the leading names and race teams in the world of Motorsport including Formula 1, World Rally Championship, Rally X and Le Mans as well as supplying several Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Peter recognises that engaging staff is a sure-fire way to increasing business performance. He attended a special LEAD Masterclass on Innovation delivered by Sarah Bryars, CEO of Target PR who had just completed her MBA (Leading Business) – the practical MBA that QuoLux has created in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire. Peter listened to how Target had introduced an ideas scheme linked to recognising staff’s efforts. He immediately saw that this was a scheme that could be modified and introduced into Forge.

Just before the formal launch of the scheme, impressively, one of the company’s engineers identified that instead of manufacturing parts from expensive aluminium billets which created much waste, if the aluminium was delivered pre-formed it would save time in machining and reduce waste significantly. The idea was put forward to Peter and a small team that had been formed to consider all ideas. They immediately saw the value in the suggestion. The company then worked with the supplier to affect the changes and the first batch of new components have arrived at Forge and are now being worked on by the very operative who had the original idea. Thousands of pounds of savings are forecast.

Peter notes, “It’s both amazing and humbling to observe ideas and innovations being formed by your staff. I’m really looking forward to witness the fruits of the new ideas scheme”.

This article first appeared in the Gloucester Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo on Thursday 15th August, 2019.




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