Advances in tech are often geared towards creating efficiencies (in time or environmental impact) and opening up new market possibilities. 

EduTech is no exception, and Rachael Ramos explains how innovations from QuoLux are bringing benefits to busy business leaders here in the region and around the world. 

It’s common for owner-managers and company directors to recognise the benefits of developing their personal leadership, but they worry about finding the time. To address this, QuoLux has been developing a set of digital tools and platforms to offer the flexibility, personalisation and security that suits the busy lifestyles of leaders keen to learn – when, where and how it suits them:

  • The QuoLux portal and Apps; aiding reflection; sharing securely; resources to hand 

  • Gamification for businesses – strategic experimentation without risk 

  • 100% online MBA, in the UK and internationally without the need to travel (saving time and carbon emissions) 

Tech can offer more versatility than ever before, but as leaders it’s incumbent on us to create the time and headspace to develop ourselves, and our teams.  

This article was first published in Business & Innovation Magazine, June 2019. 





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