It’s often been said that the best view comes after the hardest climb. 

Growing a business is no easy taskAnd, leading any business through the changethat growth inevitably incurs is certainly not for the faint-hearted. But with the right skills and support and, most importantly, the belief and will to succeedthen scaling-up successfully is achievable. 

Belief really is vital. We see first-hand among the delegates participating on our courses, how increasing self-confidence is often the key to unlocking potential for leaders. Recognising and appreciating their skills and attributes as a leader and being willing to work on those areas that they wish to improve, identifies practical, actionable stepsTo do this, it’s vital to stop, reflect and seek feedback from peers 

This is something that works particularly well on our 10-month long leadership development programme LEAD™.  Delivering positive change is a common challenge for leaders. On the programme they take time to focus on their business, equipping themselves with new tools and reflecting on their challenges from different perspectives.  

Here, business people feel comfortable to openly discuss issues with like-minded individuals, often gaining reassurance by the commonality of the situation and support from those who have also ‘been through it’. On every programme we see individuals inspiring each other; growing in self-belief.  

Buoyed with self-confidence, leaders are better equipped to face their organisational growing painswhether that’s about securing more investment, delegatingtaking on more staff or sites, re-organising management, motivating and inspiring staff or changing processes and even culture.  

And that in turn raises the issue of flexibility. Scaling-up brings changeorganisations must adapt and diversify according to the environment they are in. Continual innovation is a mustThis applies to businesses in all industries, not just ‘tech’ companies often associated with scale-up, for example companies like Creed Foodservice, SK Refrigeration Heating & Cooling and Premiere Healthcare 

Never lose sight of your vision and ensure you bring your team with you on that climb  inspire beliefThen, the view will be worth it. 

This is part of the Spotlight on Leaders feature and was first published in Business & Innovation Magazine, November 2019 issue. 


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