At the start of this new decade, the importance of the business plan comes into focus again.

But what if you are amongst the many businesses that does not have a business plan? 

And of the businesses that do have a plan, it was invariably prepared for the bank and then left in a desk drawer to gather dust.

At QuoLux™, we encourage business leaders to not only have a business plan (with a 3-5 year horizon) but to go through an annual business planning process that keeps the business plan and the departmental (functional) plans fresh, relevant and in line with the overall strategic direction of the firm.

We have clients on LEAD™ who wish to address their business planning and we have clients using our STRATA consultancy division looking for a more in-depth strategic analysis.

Our next LEAD™ Cohort starts in April with monthly Masterclasses as one of the elements of the programme.

The first of our speakers is Professor Malcolm McDonald from Cranfield School of Management. Malcolm is a world authority on strategic marketing planning and key account management. He comes armed with a framework that has been used successfully in Stewart's former employers, Pilkington and Hansen Group, and one that is ideal for small-medium sized businesses.

Malcolm introduces delegates to a process that realises the true potential of the delegate's market and embeds into their business the marketing skills and processes which deliver sustainable improvements in value. Malcolm will challenge delegates to unlock the marketing potential of their business.

In his pre-QuoLux™ days, when Stewart first met Malcolm he had the classic "light bulb" moment. Although a trained marketer, something did not make sense / hang together until Malcolm introduced him to market segmentation and understanding what are a business's key products, key market segments and which key products were sold to which key market segments. It sounds so simple, but rarely did Stewart find a business that thinks like this and formalises their business accordingly.

Moreover, Malcolm then suggested Stewart and his team go and meet a representative sample of customers in each of the key products to key market segments and ask them why they buy! Again, the blindingly obvious – but who actually finds the time to do it? They did and it transformed their business. They were confidently providing exactly what the customers wanted and they were delighted in having an informed dialogue. All the marketing messages and the action plans in operations, distribution, engineering, production, finance, HR, IT etc. were tailored to meet the identified customer needs. They achieved true customer focus.

As well as being insightful, Malcolm is also a very lively and humorous presenter who gets a serious message across in a light-hearted but memorable way. Applications for our 17th LEAD™ cohort are open, where you can meet Malcolm and be part of the QuoLux leadership and business community of practice with like-minded peers.

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