In your December board meetings, how many conversations began "let’s not change anything about our business next year, we’ll just hope for more of the same & tick along"?  

Thought not. 

At the start of a new calendar year, the desire to make progress is a natural stimulant for change, whether small tweaks to processes or major changes in strategy or personnel. 

Injecting ‘newness’ & fresh thinking can help us all to see a challenge from a new perspective, & that’s one of the huge benefits of participating in LEAD™. 

The opportunity to share knowledge & insights with business leaders, many from other sectors, is rare but has already proven to be a fruitful for our LEAD™ alumni.  

By carefully selecting delegates, we’re creating an environment in which business leaders can safely share, discuss & learn. 

So when you plan the agenda for your next board meeting, try adding ‘fresh thinking’ as an agenda point, tell your colleagues about LEAD and decide which of you will become part of our high-performing leadership group! 

For more info on our next Cohort starting in April, get in touch with Stewart Barnes or Jo Draper here.

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