It can feel 'lonely at the top' when you are the leader of a business.

You may not see yourself as a ‘leader’ but your followers (your managers and staff) are looking to you for direction, expecting to see confidence, authority and strength - and who among us wants to break the spell and show that sometimes we may feel uncertainty, doubt or trepidation? Research that we commissioned revealed 91% of senior managers, known to us, in small-medium sized companies cite self-confidence as an issue. So it is a common concern but one that is largely masked.

One of the most potent features of the LEAD™ programme is the positive energy generated by bringing leaders together to witness first-hand each other's techniques and strategies, in order to evaluate and improve their own performances, whilst inspiring belief in each other and their teams.

Creating a trusting environment in which leaders can truly speak openly and frankly, ask questions of each other and quiz the outstanding masterclass speakers we have on the programme, is the very foundation of LEAD's success.

With our next course starting next month, the new cohort will kick off with a two-day 'Overnight Experiential' where the first sparks of that positive energy appear, as we begin to challenge the group to examine the way they lead and how those that follow them may experience their leadership.

What's interesting is that whatever the size or type of business, it quickly becomes evident to the cohorts that there is more that unites than divides them. The issues we face as business leaders are often rooted in managing change and bringing people with us.

This can be even more complex within a family business, where decisions may need to be made about passing the firm to a new generation or recruiting professional managers to join the board and be part of the management team. In fact, half of the leaders that participate in LEAD™ work within family firms.

Injecting 'newness' and fresh thinking can help us all to see a challenge from a new perspective, and that's one of the huge benefits of forming a trusted cohort.

It is our experience and certain belief that many senior people of successful businesses simply welcome a safe and secure environment in which to offload anxieties and obstacles, allowing them the time to reflect, discuss and perhaps find a new way to approach a challenge that's been nagging away or a major turning point in the business.

Over 200 people like you have been trained with QuoLux™. They have all become better leaders, developing their confidence to make the changes they wanted to make, inspiring belief and enabling others to go further than they thought possible. That’s leadership and the good news is that it can be practised and learned.

Get in touch with Jo or Stewart here to ask about your place on Cohort 17 commencing 23rd and 24th April.

As an owner-manager, director or senior manager are you ready to Take the LEAD™?

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