Much has been written recently about the need for optimism in leadership as we tackle the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 driven economic climate. As Helen Keller once said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement,” and with an optimistic approach, high self-awareness and strong self-belief, business leaders can inspire and motivate their teams to work together towards a common organisational purpose.

On our 
GAIN™ programme, which is the third in our trilogy of leadership development programmes, delegates look at the importance of an optimistic and positive approach to leadership and explore what innovation and continuous improvement means to them and their business.

This month we were delighted to kick off our first fully online GAIN™ programme and we are very grateful to those delegates who have enthusiastically embraced this innovative approach to learning as they take the next step towards creating sustainable competitive advantage for their organisations.

Over the next 12 months 
Don Robins, Managing Director of Printwaste Recycling & ShreddingEmma Griffiths, CEO of Gloucestershire Counselling Service and Louise Williams, Director of CPRE Gloucestershire, will work together on GAIN™, learning from Masterclasses delivered by industry experts and participating in Action Learning Sets.

They will also take part in our 
Planning2Win online simulation which is designed specifically for small-medium sized businesses to help participants gain a better understanding of business planning and market strategy. The simulation is based on years of research and experience with senior executives and the tried and tested approach of Professor Malcolm McDonald, the world’s foremost expert on strategic marketing.

Learning from the GAIN™ programme can be assessed by undertaking a business-based innovation project to make up the third and final part of a practical 
MBA in Leading Business that we have developed in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire.

To find out more about our leadership programmes, please get in touch with Jo Draper 

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