Having moved our LEADlight programme online at the start of lockdown, we are pleased to be able to safely welcome back our delegates to their in-person programme.

With technology allowing us to continue our monthly workshops and action planning sessions in a virtual setting during lockdown, this month the cohort were able to safely meet in person, duly following current covid restrictions.

As part of the programme for current and aspiring ‘middle leaders’, the delegates complete a work-based project on a strategic issue based around Professor John Oliver’s Quick Wins of leadership style, communication and recognition. With a further two sessions to go, the delegates are well underway with carrying out their projects.

Using knowledge and models provided in the LEADlight workshops, they critically review the current reality within their business, explore the vision and goals with their senior leadership team and make recommendation for action. At the conclusion of the programme in January, they will present the findings from their projects to a Leadership Panel made up of all their sponsoring executives.

Our current cohort have chosen to work on projects exploring a range of topics including developing their personal leadership style; how to develop their situational leadership skills and identifying ways to enhance the transfer of information within their organisations.

Leadership, and specifically the confidence that employees have in leadership, has the greatest influence on engagement. Middle leaders play a crucial role in driving employee performance with 70% of an employee’s motivation being influenced by his or her manager. Through our LEADlight programme, middle leaders can gain a clear understanding of what makes an effective leader and an increased awareness of their own leadership style and its impact on others, which in turn helps to improve team and organisational performance.

For more information about the next LEADlight Cohort starting in January 2021, please contact Jo Draper here.

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