Having kicked off our GAIN™ programme in a virtual setting during lockdown, we are using gamification on the programme with 4 local companies to help delegates to continue developing their teams whilst they work from home or socially distance in the office, including those employees who may be furloughed.

As a way of practising leadership and experimenting with new strategies, Planning2Win is a simulation that is based on strategic skills development and experiential learning - learning by doing.

Played either in teams or individually over 6 months, Planning2Win enables the players to practise and develop their strategic skills using the online Simulator, with Printwaste Recycling & Shredding, Gloucestershire Counselling Service, BPE Solicitors and XXXXXXXXXX currently competing against each other.

Each team represents a fictional company (based on latest industry research) tasked with the job of making the most profit for their business. Intially they take over an existing marketing plan before moving on to making their own strategic decisions based on available market data, analysis of their own performance and competitor analysis.

This gives the players an authentic learning experience in the area of market segmentation and business strategy. They can make decisions in the safe environment of the simulation and then see what the impact of their decisions are, with all of the planning templates available for use back in the real world.

Understanding market strategy is one of the most important skills of an effective business leader. And the four teams are spending six months practising and developing their strategic marketing skills, with each able to identify key learning to apply to their business and individual departments to help deliver its overall strategic plan.

Previous participants, WSP Solicitors, shared the following, “Planning2Win is a game changer. It is a practical, fun and engaging course that provides you with tools, a framework, support and insights to enable you to develop your skills and better understand marketing strategies so that you can apply them to your business.

For more information on Planning2Win in your company, please contact us here.

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