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Taking the LEAD

The first step is always the hardest step – taking time out to invest in you. 

By joining our leadership and business strategy course, LEAD, you learn the importance of leadership by reflecting on how you lead in the way that you do and the impact that has on your business, the different leadership styles needed for effective leadership and, through a range of tools, techniques and frameworks, you develop your leadership behaviour to become the best leader that you can be. 

Working closely with our experienced coaches and facilitators, you will tackle real-life leadership challenges that you face in business and build strong relationships with other local business leaders in a supportive and confidential peer-group environment. 

Over 200 people like you, have worked with QuoLuxThey have become better leaders developing their confidence to make the changes they wanted to make, inspiring belief and enabling others to go further than they thought possible. 



Improved Leadership


of delegates state they are a better leader

Growing Networks


of delegates now trade with each other raising millions in new business

Proven Methods


of delegate companies have more than one director or senior manager on LEAD

If you are interested in joining LEAD, get in touch and we'll come and meet you to share how you and your business could benefit

Questions about LEAD

I cannot spend time away from my work. Won't LEAD end up costing my business?

We ask all delegates to make certain time commitments to LEAD in order for it to generate results. These commitments pay dividends. Independent research of alumni found that 97% believed their businesses had grown as a result of LEAD and 100% said that the cost of LEAD was justified. By taking time out, delegates find that they have more time as they focus more on important matters rather than being drawn into the daily minutiae.

Why is it so important to mix with other delegates?

Camaraderie is vital for the dynamics of the programme and for the individual. As a business leader you can often feel the issues you face are unique. Yet through discussion and interaction with other delegates, you can see how others are dealing with the same issues you face and evaluate what could work for your business too. There is also the opportunity to break free from the isolation of running your own business or department. Peer group learning and being part of a network of high-performing business leaders are real benefits.

If you are interested in joining LEAD, get in touch and we'll come and meet you to share how you and your business could benefit