LEADlight is a six-month programme for ‘middle leaders’ – those managers below the Board and senior management team – to help them to develop their skills and awareness; to improve their performance and get better results from their teams; and to prepare themselves for senior management responsibilities.

Participants work together through five main elements including workshops, think tanks, action learning, a work-based project and, as a final outcome, a presentation to a leadership panel from the participating businesses.

  • LEADlight changed my thinking completely. I now have a greater understanding of the business and have increased my self-confidence. I thoroughly recommend this course for middle managers or for individuals about to embark on a management role.

    Tom Ford

    Allstone Sand and Gravel
  • LEADlight has provided me with a new set of skills to pull from which have already proved invaluable. I feel that I can truly add value to the business from what I have learnt and get the very best from my team.

    Emma Shotton

    Marketing, MF Freeman
  • Through LEADlight I have seen my direct report, Jamie, motivated by the exposure to other businesses. He has become enthused by this experience and has already gained a much better insight into the impact decisions can have on the wider business. It has also enhanced my discussions with him because he is able to make links with his own experiences rather than just accepting what I am telling him.

    Nigel Frost

    Supply Chain Manager, Highgrove Enterprises

WHY LEADlight?

The benefits of LEADlight to delegates include:

  • Developing a clear understanding of what makes an effective leader and an increased awareness of their own leadership style and its impact on others
  • Increased confidence in leading, delegating and influencing change
  • Learning numerous new tools, techniques and approaches to use in the workplace
  • Developing the ability to work collaboratively through mutual support, feedback and awareness of group dynamics
  • Being part of a group of peers from other organisations and sectors generating fresh thinking and new ideas from different perspectives
  • Accessing a network of trusted peers who support and seek advice from each other

The benefits of LEADlight to the company include:

  • More self-aware, self-confident and reflective middle leaders
  • Greater organisational and team performance
  • Middle leaders developed to take up senior management positions
  • Improve retention and development of the most talented leaders
  • Support for senior leaders in building an empowered, high-performing organisation
  • Middle leaders skilled in delivering the business’ strategic and operational plans
  • Experience of working on a leadership project that addresses a strategic issue within the business

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